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Ngima lama Sherpa(founder)

For the last 10 years, I Ngima lama Sherpa have been working on providing and

Aiding orphans of Sherpa Mountaineers who had met there tragic demise on their jobs. As I am one of these mountaineer and working with them, who risks our lives on a daily basis, just to provide our families with a secure future. I could relate to these children who have lost everything in the form of their father or mother.

I saw many of these orphans in my locality and surrounding areas, which did not have any means to support themselves and did not have access to even the most basic necessities in life. Thus, I took it myself to provide these kids with all the basic amenities like education, health care, clean water and food and shelter for them to have a secure there future. I already looking after 4 of these orphans for the last couple of years but I see more of these children in our village and as I travel different part of Mountain in Nepal, where ever I go I saw children like this. I could not look away only by myself , this is the reason why I formed the organization called Himalayan Child Foundation in 2016 to look after these children, As an individual I am very limited to aid many of these children.

Himalayan Children Foundation is a bona fide Government register Non Profit organization and this organization 's future goal is not only to look after the orphans of mountaineer but also to look after any kind of orphans from all over Nepal. Being such a young organization we need all the help and support from you to establish all fundamental infrastructures for these children to have a safe and healthy environment to grow as a productive individual and a responsible Citizen of the Society. Thus on behalf of the Himalayan Children Foundation I would like to ask you for any kind of help or aid for this organization which will help all these children to have a better and brighter future.

We have 4 children giving education from different place of Nepal before this foundation register.

  1. Issa rai 5 class from solukhumbu
  2. Sonam Tashi Sherpa, 9 class from solukhumbu
  3. Prasad Lopchan,class 4 from Rasuwa langtang
  4. Sunil Lopchan, class 1 from Rasuwa langtang

Email :info@himalayanchildfoundation.com / lama_sherpa@yahoo.com
Phone: +977+9808801022, 9851249699 

Dawa jangbu sherpa (Co-founder)

Luck and opportunity came to Dawa’s his three elder brothers are worked hard and give him support for school life who received Bachlor level. As soon Dawa return to pay forward and provide other children same opportunities by founding nonprofit organization, ‘’HIMALAYAN CHILD FOUNDATION” 2016.

Email :info@himalayanchildfoundation.com / sdawajangbu@yahoo.com
Phone: +4915205265368

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